Randy Taylor

For Florida House District 69

Randy Taylor for Florida House

March 24, 2014

Dear Supporters, Activists, and Citizens:

A lot has changed since I first declared my candidacy for Florida House District 69 in August 2013.  Today, I announce my withdrawal as candidate for this seat.

So much sacrifice has been given from such limited resources.  The core of our Party is being stretched and the return on investment for our candidates, activists, and volunteers has not met even our most conservative expectations.  In many regards, the voters – more than anyone - have sent us a mixed message where they call for change, show disgust toward the other two parties, and yet they do not change the way they vote.  My concern is that fear rules over more objective assessment of candidates and the issues which they represent.

My heart sank on March 11, 2014 when I watched the returns for Lucas Overby, a man who had dedicated so much and who saw the bulk of our local resources committed to him.  What I saw was a statement about our voters, not our candidates.  However, I would be ignoring a real concern of mine in the lack of support coming from LP National.  It is worthy of criticism regarding all of our candidates and I wish them all the best of luck moving forward, as I much as I wish for LP National to have the vision and resources to actually help our candidates and not treat our campaigns as DiY projects.

I am humbled by those who did offer their support and effort for my campaign as well as those few who committed financial resources, but I cannot ask this handful of people – some of them family and friends – and ask them to give their all for what would be a disappointing result.

I will live to fight another day and I will be ever-vigilant to the cause of liberty.  I may be withdrawing as a candidate, but I never withdraw from defending what is right.

I would like to thank a few people: Jote Thompson for being the one to ask me if I had ever thought of running for office; Karena Bowers-Morrison for being a great advisor; Lucas Overby for sharing his knowledge with me; Paul Favata for stepping up to be my campaign manager; volunteers like G. Jasuwan, Vedran Delic, and Ernesto Feliciano; and, last but not least, my wife and my entire family for believing in me.  Each and every one of you are my friends and stand ready to assist you in your own projects and needs, just as you were there for me.

May the true light of freedom shine on us all so that our Republic may indeed improve and evolve for the growing and diverse needs of all the citizens of our nation.


Yours in Liberty,

Randy Taylor

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